“If you’ve grown used to working with consultants who over-promise and under-deliver, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Sonia Pandit. We hired her to write a strategic plan and ended up asking for an organizational assessment. Throughout the project, she applied a rigorous analytical process that turned data into insights, and the level of effort she brought to the work was exemplary. Given her attention to detail and her knowledge of the planning process, I would highly recommend Sonia to any organization looking for a qualified outside perspective.”
— Hugh Bethell, Board Member of Inner Harbor Project
“We reached out to Sonia and The Pandit Group to help our organization, HoyaHouseCalls (HHC), better organize and manage our patient data. HoyaHouseCalls is an organization based out of Georgetown Medical School, which strives to improve the health of the most disenfranchised and marginalized patients in the Washington, DC area. Specifically, Sonia helped us to create an online database management system to record and better organize patient information obtained in face to face interviews. Throughout our experience working with Sonia, she was extremely helpful and accommodating. It was clear that her experience and expertise working to address health inequities allowed her to more easily identify areas where our organization could be more effective. The system Sonia created for us is one that we plan to use as a key piece to help keep HHC as organized as possible and to possibly one day be able to quantify the effects of our organization’s efforts. We would highly, highly recommend Sonia and The Pandit Group’s services to any individual or organization looking for better ways to more effectively serve your identified populations of interest. They really do a fantastic job.”
— Mike Pappas, Co-Founder of HoyaHouseCalls
Sonia was able to come into a very large, complex organization and achieve amazing results. She was able to break down a project into manageable components, coordinate among multiple stakeholders and execute everything in a timely manner. She was able to effectively communicate and present to multiple layers within the organization. She is professional, results driven, likeable and very talented. I enthusiastically recommend her for future work.
— Donna Lawton, Executive Director of Center for Faculty Development at Massachusetts General Hospital
Sonia and I consulted for [a government hospital], identifying operational bottlenecks that caused patients to wait over 4 hours to receive medication at the pharmacy. Our team’s initiatives to reduce patient wait times included reorganizing work flows, standardizing processes, maximizing space utilization, and implementing a schedule management system. Sonia’s quantitative background, competency in operations, and human touch were critical to our team’s success. Sonia sought to understand the complexities of the problems from the perspective of the pharmacy staff by working along side them, earning their trust and confidence. Rather than providing a blanket solution, Sonia was committed empowering the staff to make decisions and to own the solutions for the challenges they faced. She partnered with the pharmacy staff, helping individuals identify their respective skill sets and encouraging them to the voice of change. Together, our team integrated qualitative human-centered design thinking with quantitative data-gathering to enable process improvement at the pharmacy.
— Cynthia Lin
Sonia worked with my organization, the Baltimore City Cancer Program, (BCCP) at the University of Maryland Marlene & Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center during the fall of 2015. Ms. Pandit is a highly professional and driven individual. She is efficient and consistent yet flexible in dealing with her clients. I found her to be very professional, caring, resourceful, and very committed to the task at hand. My organization was able to secure a grant for one year with the Eddie & Sylvia Brown Foundation. We are very grateful for all of Sonia’s support and dedication to the needs of the BCCP. I highly recommend the services of Ms. Pandit and The Pandit Group.
— Rhonda Silva, Division Administrator of the Baltimore City Cancer Program
Sonia was very helpful. She helped produce a report for us on Election Systems and did it with speed and quality. I hope we get to work with her again soon!
— Michael Kopko, Chairman of the Board, Impact NY
Sonia provided timely and thoughtful feedback to an online engagement on behalf of our client, which focused on how to develop public private partnerships that create positive impact in underserved communities in U.S. cities. Her relevant expertise gave the client a clear framework in building scalable private-public partnerships across the U.S.
— Alex Taser, Convetit
“I had the privilege to work with Sonia on a consulting project for a large company in China. We created a strategy for the online business to create physical stores throughout the country. During our time together in China and in the United States, Sonia presented strong leadership skills throughout our engagement with the client. She took the time to thoroughly understand the client’s needs, clearly and consistently communicate our progress, and execute the project in a timely manner. I was truly impressed by Sonia’s ability to deliver an excellent product. Sonia is a natural leader that brings expertise, teamwork, and a great sense of leadership to any project of which she is a part.”
— Guadalupe Mota, Operations and Evaluations Administrator at UCLA Health
“TPG is extremely diligent, committed and thoughtful in their work. Sonia’s insights and efforts were very valuable to our project; we look forward to collaborating with her in the future.”
— Aaron Baca, Founder of Mox Capital
“As a client, I felt Sonia spent the time to thoroughly understand my business’s pricing challenge as well as the intricacies involved. She expressed a great understanding of the quantitative approaches to pricing and helped structure the pricing experiments. She was able to synthesize the results and optimize revenue generated through the pricing experiments. I had a great experience, was impressed with the results, and highly recommend working with Sonia.”
— J.C., Business Owner
“I worked with Sonia on a price elasticity project earlier this year and found her to be extremely professional and hard working. She is very accommodating as far as scheduling and brainstorming ideas. Sonia assisted us with pricing by providing a great amount of expertise on the topic and she helped me to validate the data used to shape the overall direction of our pricing testing and strategy initiatives. I would certainly work with Sonia again on price or any number of areas impacting financial strategy.”
— Lilian Dominkovics Lowe, VP of Finance, Open English