The Pandit Group is a consulting firm that specializes at the intersection of public health and management

As a decision-maker in your organization, you have a lot of responsibility.  And when the stakes are high, it helps to have someone on your team who can simultaneously provide an objective opinion grounded in data-driven methods and be just as invested in your organization's success as you.  That's where The Pandit Group comes in.  Our team of independent experts - who have advanced degrees, years of experience, and a knack for cutting-edge innovations - are incredibly passionate about using their knowledge and skills to help you make the world a better place.

Engagements include consulting for the World Health Organization (designed and executed an international research study; created a tool to empowers public health officials in low-income countries to make more evidence-informed health policies), the Maryland Department of Health and Human Hygiene (executed strategy for the state’s Zika virus awareness campaign; delivered 28 presentations across the state and formed key public-private partnerships; designed and analyzed state-wide survey to assess the impact of the campaign and recommended strategies for optimal resource investment), Cecil County Health Department (to assess the viability of a syringe services program), Catholic Charities (to optimize operational processes, create data management strategy, and conduct an impact evaluation for a program that focuses on reducing hospital readmissions among the aging population), and Open Society Institute (to conduct a cost-benefit analysis regarding the aging population in prison). 


At The Pandit Group, we approach consulting with the philosophy that both a rigorous, data-driven, lean experimentation approach and human-centered design thinking are necessary for making strategic business decisions that maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization's impact.  More specifically, we believe that the key to success lies in using data to inform decisions.  That being said, even the most analyzed recommendations mean nothing without factoring in the human component of the organization.  So we utilize human-centered design thinking emphasizes the need to involve all the stakeholders that are affected by a given decision in the process of making it.  When you hire The Pandit Group, you are hiring a firm that believes in the value of both the data and the people.  

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At The Pandit Group, we view the organizations we work with as long-term partners in the effort to make our communities better, not temporary clients.  Any organization or business seeking to make a social impact - including nonprofit organizations, government agencies, social enterprises, foundations, hospitals, academic institutions, and socially-minded for-profit businesses - is invited to partner with The Pandit Group.  With our commitment to sustainability and low overhead, we offer you unprecedented specialized expertise at a fraction of the price charged by traditional consulting companies.

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How the pandit group is different

  1. Philosophy.  We consult using a combination of a rigorous, data-driven, lean experimentation approach as well as human-centered design thinking.
  2. Passion.  The number one reason people choose to work at The Pandit Group is a true passion for our mission.  And more than that, each person involved with The Pandit Group is encouraged to follow their individual passions in a tangible way.
  3. Public health management focus.  Instead of paying for advice from generalists, you receive assistance from experts in public health and business management, likely with additional expertise in your specific field of interest!
  4. Execution.  We offer more than a powerpoint as a deliverable.  We can help you execute.
  5. Low overhead.  The Pandit Group has one of the lowest overheads in the consulting industry today.  Because we choose to forego a fancy office and first-class flights, we charge significantly less.