From the founder:

"If you are on this website, chances are that you and I have a lot in common.  My guess would be that you and I have both been described as optimists or even idealists.  And we both view the world as what it could be rather than how it currently is.  It is from these perspectives on life and a culmination of real world experiences that The Pandit Group came to be.

I started a non-profit organization when I was a 19-year-old sophomore at Yale University.  As you can imagine, resources were severely limited for a college student who had nothing but an idea at the time.  But with determination and creative solutions to keep overhead to a minimum, the student-run organization grew to over 2,000 members in 15 different communities across the United States in six years.  

After graduating from college, I sought to better understand the frameworks and theories that underlied what I had experienced in founding and running a non-profit organization.  To that end, I earned my MPH at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  During that time, I had the opportunity to experience health policy first hand by spearheading an HIV decriminalization bill at the Maryland General Assembly.  While that bill did not ultimately become law, I learned how to navigate the political process and negotiate the interests of policymakers, interest groups, and “hidden” stakeholders.

Towards the completion of my MPH, I recognized that though I had the tools to identify public health concerns and formulate solutions, a persistent challenge--perhaps the most formidable challenge--was translating theoretical solutions into reality.  This inspired my decision to pursue my MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Business.

MIT offered the opportunity to develop an entirely new set of skills which, though highly specialized and quantitative in nature, continued to directly inform my work in public health.  When a Boston governmental agency was struggling to efficiently and effectively enroll Bostonians in the Affordable Care Act, my team recommended data management and organization strategies to maximize impact within funding constraints.  I also consulted with a hospital-based pharmacy in Cape Town, South Africa where I worked to reduce patient wait times using data and operations analysis.

The Pandit Group is the result of years of on-the-ground experience, specialized training, and above all, a passion for social impact.  

I founded the Pandit Group with a singular goal in mind: To partner with organizations like yours to tackle the social impact management problems that I have both experienced and observed time and time again.  

I firmly believe that the people who choose to work for non-profit organizations or hospitals or government agencies or any other organization that prioritizes helping others have unmatched resolve and unlimited passion for their cause.  But the sobering reality is that these very same organizations often face the biggest challenges.  I, and The Pandit Group Experts, want to overcome these challenges with you so we can both achieve our dream of making this world a better place."

-Sonia Pandit, MPH MBA